NVU Naturals was created because of the low availability of skincare, hair care and bath essentials made with only natural ingredients. Did you know that the majority of store-bought, commercially-produced beauty products come packed with artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives and stabilizers that can easily be absorbed through the skin’s pores, potentially causing a range of negative long-term health effects?  That is what started the journey of creating my own products for my skin and hair products with natural ingredients and the end results pushed me to offer them to others

I am a proud Grandmother of 11, with one on the way.  I want to not only to be their Grandmother, but a role model to them as I advocate for long-term health, promoting eating healthy and the best choices for nourishing your skin and hair. 

Knowing that EVERYTHING we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, I ethically source only the finest natural materials the earth has to offer! With ingredients ranging from Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera Oil, to Kokum Butter, and Dead Sea Salt, I ensure your SKIN and HAIR will cause onlookers to NVU with its optimum health and natural glow!